Wintering strawberries in a balcony garden?

Discussion in 'Small Space Gardening' started by mrsfaber211, Nov 7, 2007.

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    My husband and I have a small balcony garden consisting of two hanging baskets, one with inpatiens and one with strawberries, and several flower boxes of various herbs, peppers and mums. We'd like to winter the various plants and the strawberries are the ones we're most unsure what to do with. If we had a more "traditional" garden, I'd bury them or mulch them or something, but can we just wind the vines into the pot and cover the whole thing with burlap or a blanket?

    Oh, and FYI, the entire balcony is under an overhang and it's west-facing. We are only partially blocked by another building, so we get full sun-exposure (heh... when it's not raining) from about 2:00 or 3:00 on. (In the summer, that's significant... perhaps this time of year that doesn't make such a difference.)

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    Yes, absolutely you can wrap them in burlap AND a blanket. This should keep them alive till next spring.

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