Winter Jasmine (jasminum nudiflorum)

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    This year I have discovered the best long term floral arrangement, I ever had, based on winter jasmine (nudiflorum) and wandering jew (tradescandia pallida).
    Every fall after the first light frost, I cut a few branches off the wandering jew, which grows in a large pot beside our front entrance for rooting during the winter and transfer outside in the spring. When my wife noticed the pretty little pink flowers, she put the mug containing them on the dining room table. On about Nov. 20th* I discovered, that the buds on the winter jasmine seemed ready for forcing. So by the first days of December I had a great floral arrangement in a bowl with the yellow flowers of winter jasmine, the purple jew with pink blossoms augmented with twigs from the x-mas tree and holly going. Over time I replaced the fir twigs with small cedar bows from the yard and kept on replacing the winter jasmine with new cuttings ensuring fresh bloom throughout the winter.
    As an added benefit some of the winter jasmine cuttings have rooted. They are now potted, and I will plant them out in spring for an even more plentiful supply of cuttings in the future.
    *I live in Penticton, hardiness 6a. If you live in the Lower Mainland, you are on your own as to when you can start harvesting the cuttings, but my guess would be about Nov. 5 to 10.

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