Windflower (Amenome spp.) mystery: seeds, rhizomes, tubers, offsets?

Discussion in 'HortForum' started by jamesjames, May 13, 2003.

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    Hi. Recently I ordered a few Rhubarb roots, Water lily bulbs and grape vines from the Burgess Seed Co. They sent a couple of free flower seed packets and a small bag marked "Windflowers" with 5 brown hard round whatevers. They look like dark Nasturtium seeds. The Flower Expert book (English and excellent) says to soak "clawed tubers" overnight. Do you know what these five whatevers are and how I should plant them? The seeds of the Windflowers are supposed to be tiny, light and have wings or tails to blow in the slightest breeze according to nature books. It would take a tornado to move these babies. Thanks in advance. Maholo for your kokua. Jamesjames.
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    These nasturtium-seed-like things are probably the vegetative reproductive structures of one of the rhizomatous anemones (maybe A. blanda or A. apennina). The structures are actually compact rhizome pieces. They are usually planted in the fall, as they are summer dormant.

    With respect to the "clawed tubers" reference, I believe this is referring to the larger, showier, tuberous-rooted anemones, such as A. coronaria and A. fulgens.

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