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Discussion in 'Plant Propagation' started by pomme8916, Mar 22, 2007.

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    Hello, i was wandering if anybody knew how to propagate wild blackberry from seeds? is cold stratification enough? can they sprout in the fridge? how long will it take?


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    I think the requirements vary with species, but I would definitely try a cold stratification. If you can just leave them outdoors over winter that should work. Here is a link to an evaluation of germination methods. Looks like most try warm then cool stratification, then germinate in warm temps. (Scroll down to Rubus.)

    If it is possible to collect a few root pieces, it may be easier to propagate that way.

    I have to say living in a region where blackberries are such a widespread invasive, the whole idea of propagating them took me by surprise. Wild blackberries are nice because they are free, but some truly superior varieties have been developed. If you are wanting blackberries for the home garden, it would be worthwile to look at what the nurseries in your area offer - new varieties make more abundant, larger, tastier fruit and some are thornless!

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