Why poppies are a symbol of Remembrance Day - and ecological renewal

Discussion in 'Plants: In the News' started by wcutler, Nov 5, 2020.

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    When I was a very young child I used to play on the bomb sites in Southampton as most children did in those days and I remember amongst the ruins of houses, factories and churches etc there where always poppies. So the article posted by Wendy @wcutler hits the nail on the head so to speak. A new start in a disturbed area. Very apt tbh.
    I always wear my poppy with pride to support and remember those who sacrificed their young adult lives and those who did not make it. I have several relations I never knew due to being lost in WW1 and WW11 so this time of year is quite poinient, 'as it is to so many'.
    Thankyou Wendy for this very timely thread.

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