Why is my Senecio rowleyanus dying?

Discussion in 'Cacti and Succulents' started by jorielle, Sep 29, 2008.

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    #1 taken on July 18.
    #2 taken on September 13.
    #3 taken today (I rearranged the other succulents).

    I first got it in May, and it grew a little bit at first peaked in July. I don't know why it is dying. Maybe I have been keeping it a bit too dry, but all oher succulents from the same bowl seem to be doing OK.

    How to save it? More water? I was going to grow it big, and put them in a hanging basket.

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    You didn't really say why you think you Senecio rowleyanus ( string of beads) is dying, it's hard to tell by the pictures whats going on for sure, might not be getting enough water around the roots, or maybe too much, possible light issue....

    These succulents do well with indirect bright light and a little direct sun as well during the day.
    I usually water mine once a week "IF" the soil is dry, which it usually is. If not, I'll wait another week.

    If the roots are in bad shape, you can take 5"-7" or so stem cuttings, stripping off a few of the bottom beads ( leaves) so you'll have bare stems on the ends to plant.
    You'll want at least an an inch or two of bare stem, enough to plant them down into the soil and be stable enough not to fall out because they are too short, and of course, you'll want to use a loose mix (cactus soil) with something like perlite added which will give them even better drainage. Water them in ONE time and then not again until the soil is dry, about a week, usually.

    You can also lay stems with the beads across the soil and they can root, but the other way pretty much gives you an instant plant.
    I never tried just planting the "beads" but maybe if there was a little bit of stem attached, it would grow....

    Here's mine (it's had a few haircuts along the way) which grew from just 5 small, 3"-4" cuttings from an acquaintance yrs ago.

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