white insect on bottom of pot??

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    Hello, I really am at a loss and was hoping someone may have an idea as to the problem I am encountering. My Majesty Palm and Peace Lily are not doing so well, I lifted the pots and noticed that on the bottom are really small white bugs crawling around. The palm does show signs of spider mite and has recently been treated, but the peace lily just looks limp and has not grown for some time, but no leaf discolouration. Any ideas?
  2. First, about the white bugs.

    Do they look like cotton? Do they hop as well as crawl?
    If you wash the pot out, do they come back?
    Do you see any of the white bugs on the plant?

    Concerning the Majesty Palm.

    What do you mean by not doing so well. Are the tips turning black, yellow or brown. Are you loosing fronds. If so what colour are they turning?

    Since you have had spider mites you must treat the plant several times to get rid of them.

    I would recommend that you use an insecticidal soap once a week for a month. Once a month for 6 months & then check it reguarly after that.

    When spraying, spray top & bottom of leaves, in the base & on the soil.

    Concerning the Peace Lily. (Spathiphyllum)

    If it is just looking limp, it could need water.

    When you water it, does it perk up? If so water it more often.

    If it doesn't perk up make sure it is not sitting in water & that it has proper drainage. Also make sure where the plant touches the soil that it hasn't been damage & that it is connected to the root system. (Sometimes if the plant has been knock over damage there will occur)

    How long has it been since it hasn't grown?

    What kind of light is it living in?

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