White fungus in garden soil

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    I'm starting a new garden bed. I had put purchased garden soil 3 mounths ago, lately ive noticed small white mushroom shaped fungus in teh garden soil. It's located mostly not near plants and as of yet doesn't seem ot affect the plants. The plants in it arn't growing but I think that's due to lack in sun. What is it? i water it alot and I live in a very moist climate where my clothes mold in my bedroom if i don't move them around for a month. It is that i water to much and the ground is "going bad" from inactivity and too much water. Are they possible good for teh soil?

    the soil by the way is very sandy in texture and lacks a "mulchy" element i see in alot of garden soil, therefore may not have proper drainage.
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    Much of the planet is basically covered in a fungal mantle; looking at the entire history of life here it would be the Dinosaur Planet but otherwise it's the Fungus Planet. So, there is no way to know from the information here what kind of fungus you have and what effect, if any, it might have on your plantings.

    Sampling your soil and having it tested might be a good idea. This will give you a picture of its current suitability for growing crops, as far as nutrients, pH (whatever you have it tested for) are concerned. Try your state Cooperative Extension Service branch office or web site for assistance with this.

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