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    Well, who knew there's a Cercis chinensis. Is this it? This tree is in the Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden, so it should not be C. canadensis, and these leaves look sturdier. The other two Cercis that I knew of are C. siliquastrum and C. occidentalis, but both of those are supposed to have rounded leaves, not an attenuated tip like the ones here. I saw a photo of C. chinensis leaves that look just like this to me, with red seed pods. Are these pods just not ripe yet, and does this otherwise look like C. chinensis?
    Cercis chinensis_DrSunYatSenPark_Cutler_20230608_150827.jpg Cercis chinensis_DrSunYatSenPark_Cutler_20230608_150750.jpg Cercis chinensis_DrSunYatSenPark_Cutler_20230608_150804.jpg Cercis chinensis_DrSunYatSenPark_Cutler_20230608_153405.jpg

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