When to start the following seeds indoors????

Discussion in 'Plant Propagation' started by jacksparrow, Dec 26, 2007.

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    Hello everyone,

    I received the following seeds from friends, and will like to know when they can be started indoors, before taking them outside after the last frost
    1. purple cone flower seeds
    2. mystic merlin mallow seeds
    3. pink catchfly seeds
    4. blue love-in-a-mist seeds
    5. perennial blue flax
    6. scarlet runner beans
    Al neon lights 4 o clock seeds
    8. love lies bleeding seeds
    9.portulaca seeds
    10. balsam mix seeds
    11. milkweed seeds
    12. pink lupins seeds
    13. oriental poppy seeds
    14. peony like poppy seeds
    15. swamp hibiscus seeds
    16. Annual hibiscus
    17. rudbeckia yellow seeds
    18. sunflower tall red
    19. cosmos sunset seeds
    20. tri-colour daisy seeds
    21. hollyhocks mix seeds
    22. sunflowers ( earthwalker and taiyo ) seeds
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    Most if not all of the seeds that you list are sold by commercial seed companies that have their catalogues on line, and those catalogues show, for each seed, when it is to be sown. Go to the site for the Thompson and Morgan company, for example (http://www.tmseeds.com) or Stokes seeds (http://www.stokeseeds.com/cgi-bin/StokesSeeds.storefront) and find their listing for the seed that you have been given; it will include information about when the seeds should be sown.

    There are probably a zillion other ways of getting this information on line, but the foregoing is pretty easy.
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    Milk weed to you need to sow in the Fall just as nature does it.

    Some of these are annuals and some prennials but most can be started inside end of March or I do here

    Sunflowers grow so fast. You started them about 3 weeks before last frost date

    Hope this helps

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