When to re-pot a peace lily?

Discussion in 'Araceae' started by jwarndt, Jun 7, 2017.

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    Hi group, In past years I've gotten a lot of help here for a peace lily I've had since 2003 (actually the several clones of it...) and I have another question now. About six years ago I split one of those into 2 and repotted them. Early in 2015, shortly after moving to my new apartment, one of them began to wilt badly and I repotted it following Steve Lucas's instructions. After a slow start, it has flourished and is growing like crazy. The other seems OK and I'd hate to traumatize it needlessly. I'm inclined to let it be be till it actually shows acute signs of needing to be repotted like its other side did.
    I'll post a couple photos from earlier today so you can get some idea of how it looks. Any feedback would be appreciated.
    (the one in the background is not the twin of the one in question. It's from an earlier splitting of the same plant.)

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