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Discussion in 'Maples' started by greenZ, Sep 3, 2007.

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    This is ~ one year old(?) Kasagiyama I bought off eBay. The seller kept it in the dark (I think), but is now getting used to the Northern California weather. Today is Sept 3rd, and it has been VERY hot here lately.

    A: When can I cut this "sucker" branch that is growing out from the side of the rootstock??? The leaves on it (the sucker) were light-green when I got it, but now are changing to a reddish color. Also, I noticed that it is starting to shoot out more baby leaves and branches from that sucker shoot (I guess the roots are healthy). When is a good time to cut that sucker branch off?

    B: When is a good time to cut that top part of the rootstock (B)? The top part/tip is woody-like (dead), but as you go down further and get close to the graft union, the rootstock trunk is green. Will I hurt/destroy the graft union if I cut the top off too close? The graft seemed to be good and has merged.

    C: The Kasagiyama scion is growing towards the right. Can I assume any branch will grow towards the left (this area)??? -to get a proportional-looking plant??? Or will all the energy now be put into that small branch growing towards the right?

    Please critique anything about this plant....Thanks!

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    for me cut today !the sucker for another questions see in FAQ top page, for me is a good work!alex
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    Would cut the sucker at base "A'' now, and leave the other "B'' till later, just watching it to see if it dies back further. If new growth comes from the rootstalk , would remove it as soon as it appears. Would remove "B'' next summer ,when sap is not flowing much. Old ,dead wood can be removed anytime, but thinking it may give the grafted area some protection and best not to disturb the grafted area in any way. No expert here, just an opinion. Should branch out fine as it gets larger.

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