What's wrong with my 4 year old Bloodgood Maple Tree?

Discussion in 'Maples' started by mikeeymike, Jun 2, 2010.

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    Hi there, I'm new to this forum but I already have a question and need your help in determining what is wrong with my 4 yr old Japanese Maple Tree.

    For the first time since I planted this tree about 4 years ago, this tree doesn't seem to have any new leaves and it's late in the spring and the dead leaves are still on the tree.

    I live in the southern interior of British Columbia and our winter last year was very mild - hardly got any snow. This spring however, it was colder than usual and we had a few frosty nights well into the spring.

    I have watered the plant quite liberally and am noticing new buds forming and getting bigger every day. I have posted some photos for you to view.

    What can I expect from here onwards? Is this because of the cold shocking the tree in early spring? What can I do to ensure this beautiful tree is nursed back to health?


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