What's going on with my hydrangea?

Discussion in 'Garden Pest Management and Identification' started by lavalos, Jul 12, 2009.

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    I have a small hydrangea that was growing nice but I just noticed that several leaves are been bitten and also getting brown spots. I have no idea what is biting the leaves, neither know if the brown spots are due to a different problem.

    Any ideas about what could be causing the problem(s) and what can I do?

    Thank you

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    Hydrangeas tend to grow fast, and all that tender foliage seems irresistible to bugs and slugs and caterpillars and every other hungry creature in the world. I would say, looking at the picture, that this is just local damage caused by one critter or another, and that the plant itself is healthy and vigorous. The browning in some spots is something I've noticed on a few of my plants this summer. I suppose it is caused by some kind of infectious agent, but it does not seem to spread beyond these small areas, so I'm not sweating it too much.

    I would just continue to take normal care of the plant, unless the damage gets much worse. Then you might want to take a few leaves in a plastic bag to your local extension agent (or a good local nursery) to see if they can suggest a next step.

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