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Discussion in 'Maples' started by kgeezy20, Sep 15, 2018.

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    Hey everyone.

    So my father has tasked me with deciding on what tree (or two) to plant in his backyard to provide some shade on a wall that tends to get very hot in the summer and thus heat up the house. His only requirements are that it be somewhere in the 15-25' tall range and not be notorious for surface roots that may cause problems when he mows.

    The area is zone 6b/7a and gets full sun. I'm looking for some neat suggestions. What Acer would you plant?
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    Seiryu, Emperor 1, Nuresagi will all get that big, fairly quickly, and can easily take the heat/sun. There are probably other cultivars that would work, but those 3 I have personal experience with. Another option would be a species trident maple, as they grow big and fast (my trident, first year in the ground, put on 10 ft; this, its second year, has also had a good 5ft of growth, but a lot of filling out from the main branches from last year). Typically no surface root issues from those as far as I know. Shantung maples might be yet another option, but I'm not terribly familiar with them.

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