What tree? Shiny leaves white underneath, Rosaceae-looking fruits

Discussion in 'Talk about UBC Botanical Garden' started by wcutler, Oct 10, 2013.

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    This tree near the south fence has such beautiful leaves that I can't believe I haven't photographed or even posted it with its name, but I didn't find the name, which might have been on the part that's now been pruned off, and I don't remember if I knew it. There seem to be lots of seedlings in the cleared area near it. The fruits look like sorbus, but the leaves don't really, not being ribbed on the top, or serrated. I think they were around 20cm or maybe longer - large for crab apple leaves. They're a very pretty dark green/purple now, and white underneath. Surely Nadia would have told me if this was a Photinia.
    20131007_UBCBG_WhatTree_Cutler_P1540822.jpg 20131007_UBCBG_WhatTree_Cutler_P1540836.jpg 20131007_UBCBG_WhatTree_Cutler_P1540825.jpg 20131007_UBCBG_WhatTree_Cutler_P1540826.jpg
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    One of the whitebeams Sorbus subgen. Aria, perhaps Himalayan Whitebeam Sorbus vestita.

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