British Columbia: What species of Camas?

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    Is this great camas or Small camas? I have two of what should be the same species growing. One has finished flowering and the other is in flower now.

    PIctures 1-6 show the first plant from bloom to finished flowering. The last photo (twocamasflwoer.jpg) shows the second plant now flowering, with the first plant (Pictures 1-6) in the background with the finished flowers so you can get an idea of the size of the two flowers. Unfortunately the close up pictures of the finished flowers are wet so it's difficult to make out whether they are twisting or not..

    Do the two (Great and small camas) hybridize when they are in the same habitat? What are some good characteristics for identification that will show what plant these two are?

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    These are common camas:

    See common camas

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