what kind of grape plant should i plant

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    i live in westfield massachusetts and i am wondering what kind of grape plat would do the best here i have well drained soil. I was interested in planting niagara grapes wondering what you thought about thatr specie
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    If you have access to detailed temperature information from a near-by weather station, you should calculate your grape DGD (Grape Degree Growing Days) and compare your factor to the information on these sites:


    I did this and found out that my Grape DGD was almost exactly the same as the regions in France where the pinot noir variety originates (Champagne and Burgundy in France), plus I have the same sun angle (degree of latitude). the other factors of course are soil condition and exposure (equal exposure on both sides of the vines, i.e. south-north row orientation on a slope with full sun being ideal). So you can pick a variety on that basis. Best of luck.

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