Identification: What is this plant from Hawaii

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    What is this plant, my mother brought from Hawaii

    My mother brought back seeds from Hawaii and planted them, she says is was called a Hawaiian Evergreen, can't find such a plant by that name.
    It looks like a Prayer Plant or Dumb cane, it has the flowers like prayer plant white with the large white pistal, But it also puts out what you think will be a flower, but it has tiny green berry/seed cluster, that mature to yellow and red berries/seeds.
    It is a really neat looking plant, I have many cuttings from the mother plant I'm dying to know what is called
    It roots rather easy. likes moisture, medium light

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    It looks like Aglaonema commutatum (Chinese evergreen) to me. See this link to a very nice picture from the Digital Flora of Texas Vascular Plant Image Library.


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