What is this on my peace lily root??

Discussion in 'Araceae' started by Veritree, Mar 13, 2024.

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    Brand new to being a plant mom, I just got this younger peace lily off Facebook marketplace. It was drowning in a Mason jar so I decided to repot it.
    When I looked at the root I actually jumped because I thought it was some huge weird bug. To me it almost looked and felt like some fossilized chunk of a huge caterpillar. It is connected to the root. Someone on reddit said it may produce a new flower.. which I don't fully understand. I've been watching videos on planting and peace lily's all day and I have not seen a single person mention anything about this.
    Should I cut it off or leave it?
    Thanks in advance!

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    That looks like a crown of the plant. You can see a growth bud on the right side of it just underneath the large white root. There appears to be some root rot likely from "...drowning in a mason jar..." There are some brown mushy roots that should be trimmed off before potting. You could separate that crown from the root and repot it separately to create another plant. Is that the pot you will be repotting into? If so, it is too large. Hard to tell the size of the roots exactly from the photos but I would suggest about a 6 inch pot with drainage holes to start with.
    Some info below should help.


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