What is best time for grafting plums?

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    Living in a home with a very small garden I kind want to have multiple type of fruit trees but there is only a limited amount of space for me. I know you can graft a lot type of stone fruits together onto the same tree, but what is the best time to do grafting in Vancouver, BC? I have a few types of plums, and the base is a blue plum.

    I hope some really amazing person here who had experience in grafting will share his/her experience. It would be super awesome. Thank you in advance. :)
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    The best time for grafting short stem sections on to temperate fruit trees is just before growth starts in spring. Shortly after growth starts also works, since that is when I grafted a new variety on my plum tree this spring. That applies to several types of scion grafting.

    Bud grafting is usually done in late summer; I'm preparing to try it right now on both apple and plum trees. There is plenty of information about the different types of grafting available on the Web.
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