What ground cover would you suggest?

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    Which ground cover, would thrive in orange county, ca (los angeles)
    It is hot and I have a sprinkler system so it will be wet.
    I would like it up to 1 ft tall reds, yellows, orange flowers...
    smell good and hummingbirds love
    easy to take care of
    I would like it to bloom year-round
    I know there isn't anything that meets all of these wants. Anything close?
    Thanks! Dawn
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    Southern Ontario
    Hello Browneyes,
    How about some St. John's-Wort, also called Aaron's Beard or Hypericum calycinum? My resource says is it a popular west coast ground cover with yellow flowers, poor-soil tolerant and moderately drought tolerant. It is evergreen in zones 7-9. Or maybe some Heath? Erica darleyensis does best in zones 6-9 in coastal areas and are known to bloom from November to May. There are a number of varieties of this species in a wide range of colours available. I live in zone 6 so I have to stick with things like Vinca and Pachysandra that will survive our cold winters for groundcovers. If you have trouble finding any of these just post on the sourcing plants section for more info. Good luck.
    Regards, plantluver

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