What could I do with my Jade Tree?

Discussion in 'HortForum' started by pnKroK, May 18, 2004.

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    So i got this Crassula argentea (Jade tree?) from my mom about a year ago. It now sits on top of the shelf of my desk in my office. The tree receives quite a bit of sunlight during the day and the average temperature in the room is about 19-20 degrees celcius (during the day, probably drops down to 10 during the evening, or less). I think i water it too much already. I've been reading a bit and I've read that you should water alot, and then back off for almost a month and really let it dry up (but not TOO dry). So, I plan to follow this watering technique (i was watering about a big coffee cup full once a week). Apparently if you water too much the roots don't develop and the tree can become top heavy and not stand up by itself. I'm making this assumption from what I've read.

    I guess my questions are...

    I was in a local garden store and was BLOWN away by the Jade Trees in there. The trunks were atleast 4-5" in thickness and the trees were so full and beautiful. The trunks were straight and "tree-like". Looking at the picutres from my tree, its saggy and not so straight. What could I do to really help my tree be happy and grow straight and thick.
    I'm willing to do some major pruning (if needed, i could maybe propagate from the pruning?) and repotting and whatnot.

    So...are there any suggestions out there?

    If anyone from UBC is willing to help me out personally (if you have the time and are willing), I'd love to drive down and get some good pointers. I really want this tree to be happy and healthy and grow STRONG.

    I hope to hear from yall soon.


    -rob C

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    Its all about the water

    It sounds like you should go ahead with your watering strategy, but you can also consider repotting and placing your plant in a place where not much artificial light hits it - as artificial light diminishes blooming for jade trees-.

    To produce strong roots for your tree might take several months and so if you want you can also try cuttings of your plant, leaving a few days for a callus to develop before planting your cut.

    Good luck withyour jade
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    Hi Rob,
    I just came across your post and was wondering how your jade plant is doing. I suspect that it is spindly and not supporting itself because it was either over watered before you got it, it isn't getting enough sunlight or a combination of both. I found these sites and thought you might find them helpful. Be sure and scroll down to the bottom of the page of this first one for more information.



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