What cherry? Weeping single white, late blooming

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    2 pendula trees with small white flowers at 24ave & 142 Str(nw side)Flowers extremely small and not open wide, almost no leaves.Stalks are hairless. They started in bloom much later than Beni-Shidare in this area.
    20120413-142Str24Ave-Beni-shidare-NadiaWhiteRock0.jpg 20120413-142Str24Ave-Beni-shidare-NadiaWhiteRock-3.JPG 20120413-142Str24Ave-Beni-shidare-NadiaWhiteRock6.jpg

    A week later looks almost the same, Beni shidare is already out of bloom.
    20120420-142Str24Ave-Beni-shidare-NadiaWhiteRock-6.jpg 20120420-142Str24Ave-Beni-shidare-NadiaWhiteRock-5.jpg

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