What are the most vigourus climbers

Discussion in 'Vines and Climbers' started by christabel, Aug 30, 2007.

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    Ok so I hate how open my back deck is so I planted clematis in pots and encouraged them to climb all over the railing and up little trellises. I have a margaret hunt and pink champagne sharing a long plastic container. I have a integrefolia in a seperate container a cirrhosa freckles and my newest a blue ravine that has yet to be planted anywhere.

    Now everyone is getting a little rootbound and its time to plant them in the ground. My plan is plant in the ground under the stairs and around the posts supporting the deck. I hope that they will climb up and give me some nice coverage. I have seen this done beautifully what im wondering is what are the more vigourus growers that will work the best. It does not have to be another clematis.

    Im in zone 7

    thanks guys
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    Fallopia baldschuanica (Russian Vine) is the most vigorous climber, but it can also be an infernal nuisance weed, so be very careful!

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