What are plant swaps and meetups?

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    This registered members-only forum is intended for people arranging plant swap events or seeking group meetups.

    Examples of a plant swap:

    Vancouver, October 18, 2009 - Discussion


    Vancouver, October 18, 2009 - Trade Lists

    Note that this is not a trading forum per se -- it is place to plan event-based trading.

    Examples of a meetup:

    Well, we don't have any yet. But a definition of a meetup is: an arranged informal meeting. The idea has become increasingly popular thanks to the web site Meetup.com.

    An example use in the forums might be:

    Thread title: Traveling to London UK, Dec 25-29, 2010
    Post: Hi, I'm going to be in London, UK from Dec 25 to Dec 29 in 2010. Does anyone want to get together and chat / help me tourist?

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