weird substrate idea?

Discussion in 'HortForum' started by pavol122, May 16, 2011.

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    I had this idea in my head for some time but I haven't tried it out yet since my father didn't like it at all. Here comes... we use river bank soil mixed with compost and top soil sterilized by steam for our containered woody ornamentals. It does it's job perfectly, but somehow, a lot of small weeds survive steaming and starts to germinate few weeks after potting. Most of nurseries are using peat moss as a growing medium for this reason, but my father stubbornly sticks to "good" old-fashioned methods. So I thought we could try filling 6/10 of container's capacity with our old substrate and add 4/10 of sterilized peat moss on top of it so weeds won't be able to germinate.

    Any chance it would work, or should I give up and keep weeding like a mad eejit?

    I've been advised to use Basamid G for sterilization instead of steam, but my dad is trying to avoid using any chemicals.


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