Identification: Weird fungus identification help please!!

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    I live in North Jersey and I was coming home and noticed this very large growth on an oak tree outside in my front yard. From far away I thought it was a big beehive. A closer look showed me that it was actually some kind of fungus.

    It's about 5 feet up on the tree from the gound. Measuring about 13.5 inches high and 15 inches wide.

    There is also a smaller growth about a foot higher up on the tree. Can someone please help me identify these and are they toxic?

    I have attached the pictures I took at night to help.

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    bracket fungus and other fruiting bodies on your tree likely indicate major internal decay.

    the white one looks like: Climacodon septentrionalis
    the other one may be an older, discolored basidiocarp of the same species but I don't have any pictures in my reference books that look just like it.

    If this tree is near a target I would suggest having it evaluated by a qualified arborist.

    a link for some good information:

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