weeping cherry tree has dead branches and something on the bark

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    Hi. I am a new member here as well. We purchased a weeping cherry tree 2 years ago and it was doing fine until this Spring. I noticed many branches that were dead so I clipped them off and of course, the branches were NOT green but brown/dead. Now, I just noticed yesterday that the bark has a lot of “fungus” or something on them. The color of this is sort of a greenish-white. Sunday, prior to looking at the tree planted last year, we went to a nursery and purchased another one....totally in error. They were both expensive ($125). Now, I’m afraid the brand new one is going to get the same “disease”. Can anybody please help me with this problem? Do I need to put something on the tree to halt this disease? Please help! I’m desperate and worried!

    Thank you so much.
    Sharon Bradke
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    Cherries are pest and disease susceptible. For best results here show good close views of affected parts.

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