In The Garden: Weeds or not, part II

Discussion in 'Plants: Identification' started by TotalAlina, May 12, 2014.

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    Dear All,

    This thing is as massive as a tree, but we can't find the associated trunk; perhaps a really massive vine? Leaves are glossy, there are small dried-up berries left-over from the previous season. All three pictures are of the same plant.

    The English ivy is seen in a couple of images, but is not related to the plant; they are both growing in abundance on top of the fence.

    Would greatly appreciate an ID; thank you!

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    I only see ivy, Hedera helix in your photo. English ivy has two distinct growth forms. When it can grow up something and attain some vertical height, the leaf shape changes and the plant flowers and fruits. Take a look at the link to see if you think the fruit matches.

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