want to transplant hydrangea in mid July

Discussion in 'HortForum' started by novera, Jul 15, 2013.

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    I had planted some hydrangea 3 years ago on the south side of house, when I did not know anything about hydrangea.

    Now I found, the hydrangea are in hot sun the whole day and afternoon. The plants are just surviving without any healthy look.

    So now, I want to transplant the plants to a better place. But now it is mid July,
    my question is, can I transplant the hydrangeas now? I feel so bad whenever I see these in hot sun in wilting stage. Please give me some suggestion. Novera
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    Better done when not in leaf.
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    I agree that it is best to wait as there would be less stress on the plant but, if absolutely necessary it can be done at this time of year - and I always do this in the evenings when it is cooler.

    1) Dig and prepare the new hole; fill this hole with water and let it soak into the surrounding ground
    2) Run water gently over the ground surrounding the plant to be removed and let it soak in (this could take some time depending on how hard the ground is)
    2) Remove the plant with as much soil as possible
    3) Run water gently over the root ball (do not wash away the soil) and again in the hole it is to be placed in
    4) Place the plant in the prepared hole and fill in with soil
    5) Once more run water gently over the newly placed plant and soil
    Check and water lightly on a daily basis for the next couple of days - in the evenings - if required.

    Depending on how bad off the plant is to start with, the success rate for this method is pretty good; if the plant is healthy it is almost 100% if done properly, if not you are taking your chances. But then you have to consider which will give the plant the best chance: leave it or move.
    Good luck.
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    Very good points in the above post,.......I would like to add that you place something to keep any direct sunlight off of the leaves while it recovers.....this will help the flagging leaves to avoid scorch.....

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