Viburnum plicatum 'Summer Snowflake'

Discussion in 'Woody Plants' started by Daniel Mosquin, May 7, 2002.

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    The following question was received via email (from Arkansas, USA):

    We recently purchased a Summer Snowflake Viburnum. The tag said that the plant was developed at UBC. We have other viburnums. We are especially fond of 'Shasta'. The thing that "got" us hooked for this new one was the statement that it would bloom more or less continuously all summer. Our question: the first blossoms are now falling; should we clip off the spent blossom stems to facilitate new buds, or should the spent stems be left? Please advise.

    We are scheduled to be on your campus for a conference in June. We are looking forward to it!
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    Here at UBC, we find that it's not necessary to clip off the spent blossom stems from 'Summer Snowflake'. The continuous bloom on the shrub will be maintained throughout the summer and into the early fall.

    Enjoy your plant!
  3. I purchased 2 snowflake viburnum two weeks ago. I was told that they could be planted in full sun and that they would bloom all summer. They have lost all their flowers and some leaves. I mixed a recommended 'cow pow' with the soil and I have watered them regularly. They don't look as nice as I had hoped. Any suggestions?

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