Versatility of Irises

Discussion in 'HortForum' started by Daniel Mosquin, Jul 9, 2002.

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    The following was received via email:

    I have a question about Irises. I have just recently added a water pond to my backyard garden.

    I have been given some everyday garden variety irises from a friend. I hear that irises are very versatile. Can this variety be put in a water garden or are they specifically for the earth garden only?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.
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    Hello! If you want to be sure about whether your iris will survive in water, I suggest you try to identify it at least to it's group. On that note, if your iris is all yellow, it may be Iris pseudacorus, which is suitable for pond edge plantings. This species is in the Laevigatae group, which require moist to wet soil. To be sure, find out what group, or better yet what species the iris' are, and then ask us again. Hope that helps!

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