Venus Flytrap wintering questions

Discussion in 'Indoor and Greenhouse Plants' started by Seismo, Dec 8, 2008.

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    I bought a Venus flytrap last summer, and it's doing wonderfully! We kept it on the front porch over the summer; now that it's snowy out, it's an indoor plant. It's still doing great, but I have two questions:

    1. Now that the weather is cold out, finding live bugs is very difficult at best. What other options are there? I don't live near a store where I can buy crickets or anything like that... although I can by grubs (for fishing bait) at Wal-Mart, I think. Also, are earthworms (or parts of earthworms, if they are too big) an acceptable food source?

    2. How will I know when it is ready to go into dormancy, and what should I do to help its transition to dormancy? I was going to put it in a cooler area of our home and stop feeding it... but it's undergoing a huge growth spurt at the moment! It's got two flower stalks growing very quickly and very tall. Any suggestions on what I should do?

    Thanks in advance.

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