Vancouveria hexandra - how will it react to my growing conditions?

Discussion in 'Pacific Northwest Native Plants' started by sabaf, Jun 20, 2012.

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    If I live in a fairly maritime location (800 feet away from the Burrard Inlet and ~170 feet above sea level) and I were to use Vancouveria hexandra in a part shade "evergreen" will it be? I've heard it will look ratty and yellowish in the late cold winter, can anyone give me a second opinion?
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    I can second that opinion. I have Vancouveria in a couple of places and find it gets pretty thin and ratty looking in winter. It also is not that early to leaf out and even in summer it is not a very dense plant. I like its daintyness, but in my shady yard it has been quite slow to establish and spread. It's certainly not a serious groundcover that will keep other plants in check or stand up to vigorous neighbours. If you are looking for a goodlooking year-round low evergreen groundcover that is lush, but not too invasive I recommend our native ginger Asarum caudatum or Ajuga reptans.

    Posting a picture of the location and a bit of a description of the effect you are hoping to achieve may result in suggestions of other plants, or a confirmation that Vancouveria is a suitable choice.
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    V. hexandra is not evergreen. If you want over-wintering foliage you will try one of the other species anyway.

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