Identification: Unusual Smelling Mushroom

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  1. I have a mushroom type fungus that grows in very damp parts of my garden. I'm alerted to its presence by the odor it give off. It is relatively small on the surface but below it hosts a large amount of bulbous growths that are quite slimy and deep growing. Can you identify this??
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    Hi there,

    Mushroom identification without a photo is very difficult, but bulbous subterranean growths and pungent odor suggest that your fungi might be one of the "stinkhorn" group (Phallaceae). There are several common non-phallic varieties. Take a look on at some of the excellent photographs and see if you can find it. If not, perhaps you could tell us more details about the appearance and odor (i.e. is it carrion-like, anise-like, camphor-like etc?) and we can pin it down. Good luck.
  3. Unusual Smelling Mushrooms

    Thank you so much for your reply. I did visit MushroomExpert.Com and the photos they post conclude that these mushrooms are in fact from the Phallaceae group. I appreciate your help.

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