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    my name is jerry and im from New Jersey. I planted a plant at home and i have no idea what it is.

    The seeds are ridged and wrinkled, sort of like a little brain. they are tanish and white in the middle. about .5-1.5 in length

    i planted the seeds 3 weeks ago, and the plant is about 1/2 foot tall. the leaves are circular, but a bit undulated. the veins spread out from the center. the leaves are opposite and simple.

    this plant shouldn't be rare, in fact i think it's pretty common. i have no idea what it is

    please help! thank you very much

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    Hi Jerry,

    One thing that is true for almost every plant on earth, the seed leaves, that is the first leaves produced, never look the same as the true leaves. Many plants also have juvenile leaves that look different from those produced on a mature plant. The long and the short of it is this: even a photograph wouldn’t help much just yet.

    Your description of the seed is intriguing, and I thought of Tropaeoleum, commonly called Nasturtium – but the size you give is far too big for their seeds, which tend to be only 0.5 – 1cm (3/16 –3/8in) across. It should be interesting to see what you are growing – if you can submit a photo or two as it grows, it should eventually become clear what your plant is.

    I have included a picture of a hybrid Tropaeoleum.

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