Appreciation: UN: Save the funga.

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    The word “funga” should be used alongside flora and fauna when discussing conservation issues to reflect the importance of fungi to ecosystem health, a UN body has said.

    Mycologists, mostly from Latin America, established the term “funga” five years ago. It refers to the levels of diversity of fungi in any given place, and is analogous to “flora and fauna”, which refer to plants and animals. Unlike flora and fauna, it is not a Latin term but was chosen because it is morphologically similar.

    “Fungi have long sustained and enriched life on Earth. We are unthinkable without them, and yet we are only just beginning to understand the intricacies of fungal lives. It’s time we give them the attention they deserve.”
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    An interesting article @togata57 . Always good to open up for a discussion. I wonder what J @Frog views are as a mycologist on this and if this should be adopted into the UBC forums. Daniel @Daniel Mosquin might want to comment.
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    I haven't read this particular article yet, tho I will and thanks for sharing this! And yes I am familiar with the funga proposal in general and it seems to be a good idea, and help folks to recognize the size/importance of this group and that they are not plants.
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