Invasives: Ulex europaeus - gorse, in Stanley Park

Discussion in 'Plants: Conservation' started by wcutler, May 2, 2020.

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    This looks like a nice little ornamental planting of Ulex europaeus along the seawall across from the Rowing Club in Stanley Park.
    Ulex-europaeus-Gorse_StanleyPark-RowingClubSeawall_Cutler_20200501_152113.jpg Ulex-europaeus-Gorse_StanleyPark-RowingClubSeawall_Cutler_20200501_152129.jpg

    I see in an old thread that @Ron B quoted a pretty horrifying account of the 1936 Bandon, Oregon fire that was fueled so well by the gorse.
    esoteric properties of scotch broom
    I wouldn't think Stanley Park would be a good place to have this.
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    There is nowhere in Canada, or North America for that matter, where there is a good place for Ulex europaeus. As bad as Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius) is environmentally and as difficult as it is to eradicate, gorse is even worse because of its thorns. I mentioned in another thread recently how a 6 acre property on Vancouver Island harboured broom and gorse for at least 30 years and, no doubt, is responsible for much of the proliferation of both scourges locally.

    So, even if someone has to go out by stealth of night to yank up the weeds across from the Rowing Club, they'll be doing a service to the environment. Wendy?
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