Tulip stunted growth

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    I planted around 2500 tulips (Sunny Prince, Dynasty and Jimmy, as far as I know, all are triumph types).
    Sunny prince and dynasty were planted around 14th of Nov. and Jimmy were planted around the 14th of Dec. Location is in Croatia, Dalmatia (hot and dry summer, not really ideal for tulips).

    They all bloomed, but their growth seems stunted, they have big beautiful flowers but are blooming before they reach their mature height.(couple of pictures below).

    I tried shading part of them but it didn't seem to make any difference.

    I can't really find the cause to this. Maybe the chilling period wasn't sufficent ?

    There is about 5-10% of Jimmy that actually look what I would like them to look (side by side comparison in picture below).

    Hope you can help me on this.
    I am planing to leave them in ground for the next season.

    dynasty.jpeg jimmy 16.04 (2).jpg jimmy 16.04.jpg planting.jpeg shade jimmy.jpeg shaded jimmy.jpeg sunny prince 2.jpeg sunny prince.jpeg 3.jpg 4.jpg 5.jpg
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    Could be too little moisture in early spring, but more likely it is not meeting the chilling requirement:

    The Role of Temperature in the Growth and Flowering of Geophytes


    (and then read later in the article ~section 4.2 of the role of auxin in stem elongation)

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