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    All of these photos were taken on the Caribbean island of Saba, Netherlands Antilles between Jan 2004? and April 2005. I lived on the island for 2 1/2 years. It is a fabulously beautiful place.

    To explain the photos: top row from left to right
    Soursop flowers and fruit Annona muricata Family: Annonaceae These were taken of a plant near my house. Soursop is so popular that people will pick it too green and even steal it. If you knew of a bush in a corner you never told anyone about it. We made smoothies, ice cream and cheesecake with it.

    Cocoa pod: Most of the cocoa trees growing wild were destroyed by a combination of 5 major hurricanes during the 1990's. This tree is one of the few remaining on the island. Very few people know the location of this tree and if I tried to find it again I'd get lost.

    Mango flowers and fruit (second row): This is a wild variety. The fruit are small, think oblong tennis ball, the flavor is incredible and far superior to what we get in the produce department. Some trees were over 100 years old and the trunks so large I could not get my arms even halfway around them. Everyone lived for mango season.

    3rd row: Cashew fruit: The locals on the island called them "cherries". The cashew apple makes a wonderful delicate apple flavored juice. Add it to the sour orange from my patio, lemon and lime from friends trees and you had a fruit punch that was very tasty and refreshing.

    As I love to talk about my adopted home, if any of these photos are good enough for the photo of the day, I'll provide more information if requested.

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