Trinnette propagation? is humidity needed?

Discussion in 'Plant Propagation' started by @flowers@, Jul 19, 2008.

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    ive done my tip cuttungs about 6" long with some leaves on thiem and i put hormodine, and planted it, but do they need humidity also to root? i put clear or transparent green plastic bottles over them to create humidity, but im not sure if needed and how long does it take for roots to start forming?
    does any one know?

    i posted about a month ago with similar questions about duranta gold mound but no has replied yet. any tips?

    can anyone recommend a tree that gives excellent shade but is not messy?
    im thinking about the copperpod, silver buttonwood ,rain tree or monkey pod (not sure about it) , scrambled egg.

    the royal poinsianas (flamboyant) are too messy but beautifull

    south florida
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    I'd guess no one replied because you're not being very clear about which plant you mean. I'm thinking possibly you mean Shefflera arboricola 'trinette'? If so, you will definitely need humidity higher than 50% to have good luck rooting it. Keep it in the shade-the bottle greenhouse will probably overheat otherwise. Shouldn't take too long to root, less than a month.
    I have no experience with duranta (way out of my hardiness zone and not an indoor tropical,) But apparently it's fairly easy to propagate by seed, you might try that instead. As for trees- you'll have to narrow it down a bit. What constitutes 'messy' to you? Leaf drop? Do you consider flowers messy? Growth habit? What height and width?

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