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    Recently planted 2 trees. a white ash and a london plane, both very large about 18-20 feet. They were both root bound extremely root bound. I tried to scrape the edges but hard to do. Both trees especially the ash changed colour right away and I'm worried that the leaves are dying and not just the normal fall change. Should I try to dig them up again and split up roots more or leave alone. till spring. Thanks for any advice
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    If you can't get the roots pulled open and spread out then there is always the possibility of them girdling themselves later. They might also grow large and then topple in a storm because root sections that were supposed to spread out and anchor the tree were instead caught up in going around in circles near the trunk.

    You may have to use weights like sticks or rocks to keep the roots pulled open while you fill in around them with soil. If there are tight knots of roots close to the base of the trunk that you cannot pull open then the entire project becomes questionable.

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