British Columbia: Trees and shrubs of Stanley Park: an index

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    The Natural History of Stanley Park, a 66-page booklet copyrighted by the Vancouver Natural History Society and printed by Discovery Press in 1988, (now has a label from Gordon Soules Book Publishers Ltd) has a chapter called "The Trees and Shrubs of Stanley Park: English Bay to Lost Lagoon". This chapter has a map of the Lost Lagoon/English Bay area with locations numbered 1-59 and a listing of all the trees and shrubs in that area (as of 1988) sorted by Family and Genus giving a location reference to the map.

    I was finding it difficult to find all the candidates in the area for trees I wanted to identify, so I've sorted this listing by map location and I've attached it here as a pdf file for anyone else who would find it useful. I've probably introduced some errors, as scanning to OCR is not all that accurate and I don't recognize all the names and did not do publishing-quality proof-reading. If you happen to see errors, I'd appreciate knowing so I can correct them.

    I did indicate one tree I was pretty sure was missing, but otherwise have not updated the list with either removed trees or new trees.

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