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Discussion in 'Woody Plants' started by katsen, Jan 13, 2008.

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    hello, not sure if this is in the correct place but here goes.....

    i have a shrub/tree in my garden, that was huge in the summer so we cut it back, but now it looks very dead, is it dead? if not what should i do to revive it as we are renting we cant officially cut it down? any help would be great.the last picture was what it was like before we cut it back, it also produced flowers.
    we live in Dorset, uk.
    thanks Anne

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    Lavatera × clementii (Shrubby Mallow; hybrid between Lavatera thuringiaca and Lavatera olbia). Sorry, it does look dead. It is usually short-lived anyway, so didn't necessarily die as a result of your pruning.

    Replacements are easily available, though most nurseries tend to get the name wrong ;-) just look for anything that is described as a shrubby Lavatera.

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