Appreciation: tree root damage from electrical line contact

Discussion in 'Magnoliaceae' started by DanFrisard, Dec 1, 2014.

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    I have a question about root damage done to a 45 year old Bay Leaf Magnolia by a fallen electrical line that set a few limbs afire and for 45 minutes rested against several other limbs. Some of the green leaves of these other limbs are now turning yellow 2 months before their normal shedding cycle in February and limbs are dying . I have been told by local arborist I need soil injection of a bio-stimulating liquid ( micro fungi) twice a year for 2-3 years might save it. But have also read also that AZOMITE ( volcano powder containing 67 minerals) can be drenched around root. Has anyone had practical experiences with treating tree root damage due to lightning or electrical line contact?

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