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    I have four rosebushes that need put in the ground before winter, is there a special way to plant them in the fall. I just bought them.
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    Same treatment as when planting other shrubs.
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    It would help, Rebecca, if you list a more precise location in the right corner so that we have some idea about the climate you are in. If you are in a colder region, e.g. USDA Zone 6 or lower, you could plant your bushes so that the bud union - most roses are grafted - is up to two inches below the soil level, even if the bud union in the pot is totally exposed. At my mom's in Zone 6, I plant so that some of the bud union is exposed to the sun, then she mounds bark around them up for the winter, but she has been losing a number of bushes. Around here in Zone 8, some of us often bury some of the bud union and leave some exposed to the sun, although others of us leave the entire bud union above the surface of the soil. Most people then advise mounding up soil or bark or hay around the base of the bush for the winter.

    There should also be adequate spacing between the bushes for good air circulation to help prevent fungal diseases. If you know the name of the bushes, then you can get an idea of their average height (, and then determine how far apart they should be planted. If you have some bone meal around, then you can add a cup of that to the hole at planting to help promote good root development, but it is not essential. Choose a sunny spot with good drainage, but moist soil.

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