Hedges: Transplanting large Smaragd emerald cedars

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    Hi there,

    I just spent 3 days moving 16 really big emerald green cedars from a rural farm, using a big truck with an even bigger tree spade to properly dig them out... the guy I hired to dig them out, put them into 40 inch burlap-wrapped wire baskets. The trees are about 15 feet tall, and weighed around 800lbs each.

    The trees were all shipped on a flat deck truck to my suburban home and we moved the trees one by one by Bobcat to their new home in my backyard. I installed these tall trees to gain some privacy due to large home being built behind mine.

    Anyways, we dug a hole around and gently installed the trees into it Bobcat... my question to you is, with the trees, we buried the root ball in the burlap and wire basket. My landscapers said that the roots will grow through the decomposing burlap in a few months.

    We used really good soil. I am simply wanting to ensure that these large trees are happy and healthy, because getting them into my yard was huge task.

    Any advice or thoughts you may have are appreciated!

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