Transplanting a monkey puzzle - will it survive?

Discussion in 'Araucariaceae' started by icicicles, Apr 3, 2011.

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    Never doubt the hardiness of this tree. This tree is extremely hardy.
    I live on the south foot-hills of the Olympic Mt's in Wash.
    In 1982 my wife planted a 6 inch Monkey Puzzle Tree on our undeveloped forested property under a grove of Hemlock, Fir, Cedar and Alders 200' above sea level.
    Twelve years later at a stunt growth of 2.5 feet tall she moved it deeper into the forest but on an embankment because of excavation for our home site.
    On April 1 2011 I was in shock to find this tree still alive under the mostly dark canopy, except for a large Alder allowing in the early Spring light and covered in a thicket of Salmon berry shrubs. The tree is 29 years old yet only 5 feet high and looked very health.
    Digging up this tree had to be a world record feat as I had to dig by hand through Alder roots big as my arms.
    This tree had three tap roots, two of which were three feet long and the big one must have found warm Earth deep south.
    Sad as it is I had to cut that one or we'd both be planted there before it could ever be extracted.
    If this tree can survive 29 yr's of snow, drought, freezing rains and it's last transportation to our yard, we'll welcome it to our family.
    If it does survive, I question if it will ever grow or be stunt for life?
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    Re: Monkey puzzle tree

    If it survives the root damage (unlikely, I fear), then it will eventually recover.

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