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    I recentley moved to the lower rio grande valley in texas. I left my orchids behind, in west tennessee. as I new that acclimatization would be difficult if not impossible. I want to know if if anyone can reccomend high heat/light, low humidity genre to grow in this area?
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    Hello Mickey,

    I don't know the answer to your question specifically. I wish we had more orchid enthusiasts on the forums to make suggestions and help you out.

    The best I can offer is to point you to some local resources:

    Orchid information from TAMU Weslaco Ag Experimental Station

    As you mentioned in a private email to me, your local Rio Grande Orchid Valley Society doesn't seem to be up to much - no newsletters online since 2001 from that site! It could be they just don't have the person to update the site, though.

    However, one of the faculty members in horticulture at Weslaco, Dr. Yin-Tung Wang, seems to remain heavily involved with orchids. In fact, here's an article about him from two months ago:

    Scientist Pleased by Growing Orchid Sales

    My suggestion is to contact him for advice or information about how to contact other members of the society.

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